Saturday, November 22, 2008

Red Leaf - Great Bubble Bath Dough!

In August I had some communication on Etsy with Chris at Red Leaf, he was friendly to talk to and offered to send me a sample in my choice of scent of his Bubble Bath Dough to try out.

I was excited to try this product out and it didn't disappoint my expectations!

I like that the Bubble Bath Dough comes in a reusable container. He seems to try to use reusable or recyclable containers for his products, which is great!
I picked the scent Orange Sherbet for my sample and it smelled yummy! I will mention that once in the bathwater it didn't have a lot of scent but when I mentioned that to him he let me know that Orange scents generally fade quicker than other scents because it's essential oils, which is understandable.

I seem to have a hard time finding Bubble bath items that actually have much for Bubbles unless I get Children's bubble bath items. So I was pleasantly surprised when I used the Bubble Bath Dough and it created a LOT of bubbles with using only a portion of the sample container. Not only that, but it softens the water without making it greasy or oily feeling. The soft water feeling is similar to the English bath cubes I like to use, only those don't create bubbles and I've only found them in a limited selection of scents.

I highly recommend Red Leaf's Bubble Bath Dough. His other products look great also. I really like the product packaging, it looks very professional like something you would find in a department store.

Red Leaf has Bath and Body products such as Bubble Bath Dough, Shampoo Bar, Soap and Shave Cubes, and more.

At Red Leaf you can also find products for your home such as Long Lasting Linen Spray!


Mayhem said...

Red Leaf's products look great, but I'm especially sold on bubble bath dough

missknits said...

how cool! i had never heard of this before, but looks (and sounds) like a great product!

star said...

why oh why do all homemade bath products look good enough to eat? it's making me hungry!!! :)
i'm definitely hearting his store for a future purchase.

kim* said...

looks lovely :)

Jen said...

I'm thinking about trying their men's shaving kit....I just love the clean appearance of the products. Great shop and nice review by you!

Pixie's Purpose said...

Sam, Sorry Kiddo, you've been tagged.
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