Sunday, September 7, 2008

Little Black Box for July 2008

In July, I won a contest at the Black Box Reviews blog, I won a July Little Black Box and received it quite promptly, on July 28th.

This is the blog entry regarding it -
Little Black Box Contest Winner

I was excited to open it up and see what goodies were inside. As you can see they have switched over to bags, from boxes.

Inside I saw there were a nice variety of items,
and I took some pictures of the contents. All the items laid out.

My box had the following items in it:

- Thank you mini note from Tags and Buttons
- Hardy Breakfast flavor dog treat from Unique Treat Dog Bones
- Berry Bling scented Pirate Booty soap favor from Soap Sushi
- Green tea and cucumber scented soap from Barbs Homemade Soap
- Corner Bookmark and two Magnets from Hippie Dippy Designs
- Shoe print travel tissue cover from Midnight Creations
- Neopolitan scented soap from The Soap Seduction
- Eternal Egypt perfume from Nocturne Alchemy
- Blue car stud earrings from AlwaysAmy

- Raspberry Lemonade sugar scrub from Shebas Secrets
- Earrings from JAC Jewelry, Arts and Crafts
- Soap Samples (Scents: Cinnamon Loaf, Blue Sapphire, Shimmer Angels, Lemon Meringue, Ocean Rain, and Lilac) from Soap Scent-sations
- Bookmark from Diana Crites Gallery
- Fine art photography print from 3 Lambs Design
- Two cards and envelopes from Five Dot Design

A closer look at the perfume, and the two earrings. So far the two products I have used are the sugar scrub and the neopolitan soap.

The sugar scrub was nicely sized.
It's great, not greasy or oily,
and just the right amount of scrubbyness!
Smells nice too :)

The neopolitan soap was a generous size,
and it didn't irritate my semi-sensitive skin.

I also used the discount code that Tags and Buttons included in their sample and purchased a few things from their etsy shop!

A total of 15 different shops were included in my little black box. The savings you can get from shops who give discount codes, plus all the great samples have me thinking it's worth the cost of the little black box. September's box goes on sale September 26th.

You can see more information on their website -
The Little Black Box.


Destiny's Creations said...

Wow, you received a lot of goodies! I would have loved some of that neopolitan soap - I have been meaning to try out a black box. Isn't just the coolest concept?

Bee-Delicious said...

gosh, i wish i got one!
all that stuff looks awesome!
the soap looks yumm!

Vanessa said...

So you were the lucky winner! Looks like some great things!

five dot design said...

hope you enjoyed your goodies i sent! be sure to check back into my shop in a few weeks to stock up for christmas!

Nicki Leigh said...

what a wonderful little collection of gifts. This is the first time I have ever heard of this. Sounds like a lot of fun too.

The Little Black Box said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your box! I loved putting them together.

w said...

how fun! off to check it out...

tagisa said...

The Little Black Boxes are so much fun aren't they!? I got the August one and posted the contents on my blog too. It's fun to share what we get :)

PurrPrints said...

Hmm--I'd been wondering about those--looks like some pretty cool stuff after all :)

v klöch said...

wOw! You hit the jackpot. I'm totally jealous! Congratulations!!

Alicia said...

Hi, Samantha, thanks for stopping by my blog.
My boyfriend's from Georgia... Clarksville. =)
Like your blog too, I will be back!

temno said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
I'll be in the october one and really wanted to understand how to prepare my prints for a better result :D

Christie Cottage said...

Thank you for your article on "The Little Black Box", and including the picturs. I should think your blog will be well read, as there have been so many inquiries on this in the etsy forums.

That's where you can find me

Nebulamystic, Designer Alter-Ego said...

I didn't receive many types of items that are shown in july...hmmm maybe some people had different thoughts this time. I just ordered the october box and find it a bit mediocre at best sorry to say. I always hear all these wonderful items, and yes there were few, however, mosly just coupons and paper stuff. Some owf which I had no idea what to do with. Very random and no choesive in my box at all...maybe I lost something in translation.--Would I purchase again...probably no...would I participate....probably not.

TC said...

Hey Samantha! You certainly got some good loot in that package! Congrats on the win!

BTW, TAG you're it! I'm tagging you, along with some of my other favorite blogs. You can visit my blog for the rules. Here is a direct link to the post with details.

Have fun with it! :D